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I have been working with companies as accounting expert for more than 10 years. First, as accountant employed in company with foreign capital, then as a shareholder of bookkeeping company and now, since 1998 I have been managing my own firm.

My Firm has all the features, that modern subject should have. My knowledge and experience combines with my workers' qualifications, who are graduated financial experts with computer skills. They know how to use necessary accounting programs and they know foreign languages.

We pay special attention on current co-operation with our customers and imparting them comprehensive information on their financial situation In this aim we prepare monthly financial reports which form and contents are adjusted to customers' needs.

We are aware that bookkeeping plays the ancillary role to the main goal of company activity, but should not occupy company's human resources. Client shall receive from bookkeeping fair and useful information on conducted activity. This is the main concept of our activity and we do it best!

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